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Acroloop OPS1200 4x40 LCD Operator Interface, Membrane Keyboard, Smart Interface, +/-12 & 5VDC and Power Requirement. 10.3” x 6.6” x 3.1” (W x H x D) Size.

Quick Specs

Interface Option NEMA 12
Manufacturer ACROLOOP
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Product Features

  • Power requirements +5V , +12V, -12V
  • 16 Inputs, 16 Output. All 24 Volts Optically Isolated.
  • Canned Software for various applications.
  • Small package. 10.3"W x 6.6"H x 3.1" D
  • Tactile feel on the keys.
  • Expandable to 48 Inputs and 48 Outputs.
  • Offers 40 key, Motion Control Sealed keyboard with 3 hidden keys. 9 Programmable function keys.
  • Complete "Motion Box" for 1 or 2 Axes of Motion with ACR1200 as the main engine.
  • Nema 12 Design
  • Built in hardware Encoder fault detection.
  • 3 Feedback Encoder input with 20MHz counting rate.
  • 2-Axis of Stepper or Servo DAC outputs.
  • Optional Custom Overlay.
  • Panel Mounting.
  • 1 Parallel port, 2 Serial Ports RS232/RS422
  • All the features of the ACR1200 and the OPS8000 combined into cost effective package.
  • PRINT, INKEY, functions in ACR1200 firmware to interface to KBD/Display.
  • Offers a LED backlit 4 line x 40 character display. (used on the OPS8000)

Full Product Specifications

Interface Option NEMA 12
Manufacturer ACROLOOP

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