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Vox Shield is excited to announce our warranty and service program that is provided by our industrial partner, VoxShield. This plan is a flexible service plan with customizable levels of support and coverage options. Designed to help you get back to business as quickly and efficiently as possible, is proud to offer our clients VoxShield – a protection, security and service solution for your systems and peripherals. You decide what coverage and benefits you want, no hidden fees or surcharges. With flexible service plans available in 1 to 5-year terms, customize your coverage based on the needs of your business, budget and environment.

Your Standard Package

Extend the Length of Your Product Warranty

Go beyond the manufacturer’s Limited Warranty. You can choose to keep full warranty coverage on your product for up to 5 years. With VoxShield you get a longer period of free service, less downtime and you don’t have to spend time looking for an expert repair shop.

No Unexpected Costs

With VoxShield in place, all costs relating to needed parts are covered. Our expert technicians are available to you at all times during the duration of your service plan.

Repair Turnaround Time

Our processes mean a quick, responsive, professional handling of your warranty repair. VoxShield ensures that your downtime will be kept to a minimum. The maximum it will take to repair and ship back to you will be 10 days and we also expedite your repair.

Exclusive Access to Support website

  • Instantly troubleshoot and resolve product issues
  • Register your warranty claim and get your RMA# instantly
  • 24 hour access to technical support services via email
  • Manage your warranty, extended service plan or replacement plan
  • Get access to technical datasheets and release notes
  • Special offers!

Customize Your Support and Coverage Options

Expedite Your Repair

This VoxShield option offers you a fast expedited repair to reduce your downtime and thereby return to normal operation in the shortest possible time. We can expedite your repaire in as quickly as 48 hours.

Express Hardware Spares Replacement

You will have exclusive access to a spare, direct from our inventory; at a % of the cost of a new unit. Your ready-to-use replacement will be available for immediate dispatch – without having to wait for your damaged unit to arrive here!

The Spares Replacement service ensures that you will receive the replacement hardware promptly in the unlikely event the product under coverage is down due to a hardware issue.

Accidental Damage Protection

“An ideal solution for high-risk environments”

We all know that accidents happen. But when accidents occur to your hardware, your productivity can grind to a halt. To help you get back to business as quickly and efficiently as possible, VoxShield offers Accidental Damage Protection coverage — a solution that covers accidental damage not covered by your Standard Warranty.

“A simple way to provide peace of mind”

Accidental Damage coverage picks up where your Standard Warranty leaves off — covering things such as liquid spills, electrical surges, accidental breakage, drops, falls or other collisions.

After determining the cause and extent of damage to your system, VoxShield technicians will take the appropriate steps to help ensure that it is back in working order as quickly as possible.

Services include:

  • Shipment of customer-replaceable parts.
  • Shipment of damaged product to the repair facility.
  • Replacement of product if it is accidentally damaged beyond repair.

Preventative Maintenance

Simply put, preventive maintenance prevents repairs. Preventive maintenance is crucial to achieve the maximum lifecycle from your system. A VoxShield preventive maintenance plan affords you the opportunity to detect and repair problems & replace parts at the end of their lifecycle minimizing your risk for system failure. We customize our preventive maintenance plans based on your system and budget.
We will

  • Run scheduled extensive diagnostics checks on your product
  • Troubleshoot and test all installed hardware to locate/ identify potential problems.
  • Optimize performance

Don’t risk equipment damage, downtime or total shutdown, prevention is better than cure.

Product Pick Up Service

Let us look after the express delivery for products that need repair. Enjoy the benefits of a same day pick up. All you have to do is have it packed and ready to go. A quick pick-up enables a rapid repair turnaround.

On-site Service Calls

When you call us for emergency service repairs, we know you need someone now. We will send a repair engineer to your designated location, ASAP. Our Onsite Service Engineer will work to ensure that normal operations can resume as soon as possible.

In addition to the engineer’s immediate feedback, a thorough Service Report outlining the work done, potential problems found and recommended maintenance is provided to you.

Non-Warranty Repairs also offers a full evaluation and repair service for all non-warranty items. Even if you have a product that wasn’t purchased from, we can offer a repair service. And when that repair is completed, why not consider a VoxShield service program for it?

VoxShield Rewards

If your standard coverage goes unused, get rewarded on your next renewal.