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NEXCOM NEXBLADE HS420 System - 4U Cost-Effective Server Platform System

Quick Specs

Manufacturer NEXCOM
Type Platform
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Product Features

  • Features socket type CPU architecture
  • Hot-swappable server blades, power modules, and cooling fan trays
  • Supports PCI-X I/O expansion
  • Redundant power modules ensure high reliability
  • Ultra high dense design accommodates up to 10 blades within 4U height
  • Built-in KVM switch
  • Supports on-board Gigabit LAN, for high throughput network infrastructures
  • Superior performance, supports Intel® Xeon and LV Xeon processors
  • Supports KVM switch daisy chain (up to 10 chassis)
  • Cable consolidation by KVM switch and daisy chain technology minimizes maintenance downtime
  • On-line access to KVM/CD-ROM/FDD for easy maintenance
  • Supports remote KVM switch control. Server blade on/off control via Nexcareâ„¢ management software

Full Product Specifications

Manufacturer NEXCOM
Type Platform