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Winbond W29C011A-15 Memory Module - 1-megabit, 5-volt only CMOS flash memory with a standard 5V power supply

Quick Specs

Capacity 1 MB
Manufacturer WINBOND
Memory Type Eprom
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Product Features

  • 128 bytes per page
  • Active current: 25 mA (typ.)
  • Fast chip-erase operation: 50 mS
  • Data polling
  • Standby current: 20 mA (typ.)
  • Software-protected data write
  • Automatic program timing with internal VPP generation
  • Ten-year data retention
  • Effective byte-program cycle time: 39 mS
  • Toggle bit
  • Latched address and data
  • Page program cycle: 10 mS (max.)
  • Low power consumption
  • Software and hardware data protection
  • Fast page-write operations
  • Read access time: 150 nS
  • Page program/erase cycles: 1,000
  • JEDEC standard byte-wide pinouts
  • Available packages: 32-pin 600 mil DIP, 450 mil SOP and PLCC
  • Single 5-volt program and erase operations
  • End of program detection
  • TTL compatible I/O

Full Product Specifications

Capacity 1 MB
Manufacturer WINBOND
Memory Type Eprom

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Download Datasheet