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Dy 4 Systems SVME/DMV-181b CPU Board with 2 10/100BaseTX (twisted pair) Ethernet ports and 2 USB 1.1 interfaces

Quick Specs

Bus Interface VME
Bus Interface PCI
Manufacturer DY 4 SYSTEMS
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Product Features

  • PowerPC 7410 (AltiVec Technology -enhanced) CPU
  • 512 Mbytes, or 1 Gbyte of Synchronous DRAM with ECC
  • 8- or 16-bit Ultra SCSI interface
  • Comprehensive Foundation Firmware with: debug monitor and non-volatile memory programmer, suite of card support service routines, BIT firmware with 95%fault coverage, Ethernet connection option
  • Two 64-bit PMC sites for high-performance I/O expansion One 66/33 MHz capable, the other 33 MHz capable
  • Peak processor-memory bandwidth of 800 Mbytes/sec; peak L2 cache bandwidth of 1.143 Gbytes/sec
  • Two 10/100BaseTX (twisted pair) Ethernet ports
  • INTEGRITY Board Support Package from Green Hills Software
  • 32 Kbytes of AutoStore nvSRAM
  • CPU core frequency up to 500 MHz
  • 2 Mbytes of L2 cache memory Cache may be configured as direct-mapped SRAM
  • Permanent Alternate Boot Site (PABS) provides backup boot capability
  • Support for VME64x geographic addressing
  • VxWorks/Tornado BSP and Driver Suite
  • Eight 32-bit general purpose timers
  • Real Time Clock with automatic +5V/+5V STDBY switchover
  • Avionics-style watchdog timer with software programmable upper and lower bounds
  • Four general-purpose PCI DMA controllers
  • TimeSys Linux Support Package from TimeSystem
  • 100 MHz system bus and SDRAM frequency
  • 512 bytes of Serial EEPROM
  • Tundra Universe II VME64 master/slave interface with VME DMA
  • Three 16-bit system timers
  • 48 or 128 Mbytes of direct memory-mapped Flash hardware write protection provided
  • Up to 16 bits (8 in, 8 out) of RS-422/485 differential discrete I/O, with interrupt on inputs
  • 16 bits of discrete TTL I/O, each with interrupt capability
  • Two EIA-232 serial ports
  • Dual 64-bit PCI local buses, 528 Mbytes/sec peak data transfer rate
  • Up to four HDLC/SDLC-capable EIA-422/485 serial channels, each with full DMA support
  • LynxOS 4.0 reference port (see separate datasheet for details)
  • Two USB 1.1 interfaces

Full Product Specifications

Bus Interface VME
Bus Interface PCI
Manufacturer DY 4 SYSTEMS

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