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Delta Tau 602398-100 PMAC2-PC CPU Controller Board CNC

Quick Specs

Bus Interface VME
Manufacturer DELTA TAU
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Product Features

  • Interface to external 16-bit serial ADC
  • 128k x 8 PROM memory for firmware storage
  • PID/notch/feedforward servo algorithms
  • 2k x 8 EEPROM memory for setup variable backup
  • 16-bit +/-10V analog output
  • Buffered expansion port
  • Display, control panel, muxed I/O, direct I/O interface ports
  • Clock crystal with +/-100 ppm accuracy
  • 1-year warranty from date of shipment
  • RS-422 serial interface, VME bus interface
  • 20 MHz DSP56002 CPU
  • 4 input flags, 2 output flags
  • 128k x 24 1 wait-state battery-backed SRAM
  • 4 channels axis interface circuitry, each including:
  • Latest released firmware version
  • 3-channel (A, B, C) differential/single-ended encoder input

Full Product Specifications

Board Type VME
Bus Interface VME
Manufacturer DELTA TAU
Processor Motorola DSP56002