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Giddings & Lewis M.1016.9491 Processor with 50MHz 512K App Mem 256K RAM 64K User Mem.

Quick Specs

Manufacturer GIDDINGS & LEWIS
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Product Features

  • Optional flash memory for storing things like application source modules
  • FLASH memory for the system software
  • Optional communication (ARCNET, I/O, and Block I/O expansion) capability
  • A processor IC providing overall control
  • Executes the application program
  • Executes Diagnostics on the system and it’s modules
  • Can provide ARCNET and I/O expansion from module
  • RAM (EPROM optional) memory for the application program and for RAMDISK
  • RAM memory for data storage as the system runs
  • A math coprocessor
  • Eight LEDs
  • Communicates through RS232 port to external devices
  • RS232 ports to communicate with the computer workstation and with a serial interface device

Full Product Specifications

Manufacturer GIDDINGS & LEWIS

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