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PFU Systems C2i-PR5-266S CPU Boards-Plug-N-Run SOM Module 266MHz Pentium w/MMX 32, 64, or 128MB SDRAM SODIMM, Server Edition

Quick Specs

Bus Interface PCI
CPU Socket Embedded
Manufacturer PFU SYSTEMS
System Chipset Intel 439TX
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Product Features

  • 15"x12" form factor
  • Mini-DIN6 PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard connectors
  • POST code LED for BIOS diagnostics
  • LCD connector with LCD backlight inverter power supply connector
  • Suspend/Resume, LID and RI Power Management buttons
  • 3 X-Bus development slots for serial and parallel I/O expansions, and external SM Bus and
  • IrDA LED for SIR/FIR/ASK support
  • micro-controller extensions
  • D-SUB25 Parallel Port connector
  • 34- and 26-pin FDD connectors
  • 1 PCI expansion slot for 3.3V PCI devices
  • Ricoh CardBus controller with 32- and 16-bit PC Card support for two type II or one Type III
  • PC card
  • D-SUB9 Serial connectors for COM1 and COM2 serial ports
  • D-SUB15 CRT connector
  • Battery, AC/DC adapter and ATX power supply pads and connectors
  • 3 PCI expansion slots for 5V PCI devices
  • External BIOS EPROM socket for custom BIOS development
  • 40- and 50-pin IDE HDD headers

Full Product Specifications

Bus Interface PCI
CPU Socket Embedded
Manufacturer PFU SYSTEMS
Processor Intel Pentium
System Chipset Intel 439TX

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Download Datasheet