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Men Mikro 01A010-01 A10 - 6U VMEbus Single-Board Computer, CPU 68060/50MHz and CPU 68360/25 MHz, 16MB DRAM, 0.5MB SRAM, without graphics, 0..+60°C

Quick Specs

Bus Interface VME
Manufacturer MEN MIKRO
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Product Features

  • 16 LEDs
  • Hex switch
  • 4 general-purpose timers
  • D/A converter for controlling the display contrast voltage (on adapter card via P2)
  • Battery-backed real-time clock
  • Analog touch-screen interface via P2
  • Programmable watchdog
  • Reset and abort switches
  • EEPROM (256x16) for setup
  • Temperature measurement
  • Single 5V supply

Full Product Specifications

Bus Interface VME
Manufacturer MEN MIKRO
Processor Motorola MC68060
Processor Motorola MC68040

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Download Datasheet